Hawaiian Brain Freeze

Hawaiian Brain Freeze

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The Smith family has been cooking professionally for 3 generations! It all started with Susan, who worked in restaurants during the 1920’s. Her son, Adam, went to the Culinary Institute and was Executive Chef in places like New York, The Hamptons, Chicago, and LA. After a childhood of learning how much love goes into cooking, and how much joy into sharing culinary creations with others, Sam decided to open a foodtruck at the ripe age of 20. He and his high school sweetheart, Emily, now run Hawaiian Brain Freeze.

Sam and Emily came up with the name while on a ski trip. They were talking out on the slopes about starting a foodtruck and just got stuck on the topic. Not the typical brain freeze, but the wheels stopped and said: This is what we’re doing!

We hope that you can come enjoy some of our creations. Our recipes come from Gramma Susie, Papa Adam, and many of our own.


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